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          Summer is ready so you must also get ready to be perfect with your bikinis, sunnies, hats, maxis but of course don’t forget to protect your skin first such as sunblock and lotion with the proper SPF. Oops Vaseline has a solution to that, the all new Vaseline Water-Based Serum, a lotion with SPF30 that provides protection from UVB rays of the sun. This helps you protect your skin all day long under the heat of the sun and saves you from sunburn and skin damage, plus it also has a Vitamin B3 that can whiten skin. I know most of us hates the feeling of a sticky sunblock and lotion but Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum comes in a non-sticky formula because it is easily absorbed by the skin. 

          You can buy this at all Supermarkets nationwide! 


          With Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum, I can flawlessly enjoy the radiance without worrying about my glossy skin. I can absolutely hug the brilliance of the sun with fine excitement. 

            Not only that, Vaseline also is giving away a trip for two to Bali! Yes, that’s right! Here’s the mechanics:

1. Post your best summer photo on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Answer the question “With @VaselinePH Water-Based Serum, how will you #SeizeTheSummer?”.

3. Don’t forget to tag @VaselinePH @ClozetteCo and use the hashtags #TeamSummerSolstice #Clozette #SeizeTheSummer @VaselinePH to qualify your entries.

Note: You can post as many entries as you want as long as they are different photos with different captions! Be creative! Make sure your profiles are public so Vaseline and Clozette could verify your entries.

The contest will run till March 25, 2015! Goodluck!

P.S I just wanted to thank Clozette and Vaseline for this project campaign.