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               Summer 2015 passed by so quickly to me as I was so busy in school for our graduation requirements and exit clearance, eligibility review and examination and the very tiring job hunting but all my hardworks this summer paid off as I was able to graduate with high and competitive grades and finally got a job which is very close to my heart. Since I was able to settle all my duties and responsibilities this summer well I guess I deserve the much awaited summer break and I already started it last week in Baguio together with my highschool loves which will be soon on my blog and now a beach break at Fort Ilocandia Resort for the last weekend of May.

                If you had noticed in my previous blogs Fort Ilocandia is my favorite getaway spot here in Ilocos Norte most specially the beach part having a gentle sand and aside from that you are already facing South China Sea. That’s cool right? Fort Ilocandia is the perfect place if you’re looking for a Spanish ambiance and Ilocano features having a century-old living quarters. So if you want to have a visit it’s just located at Brgy. 37 Calayab, Laoag City which is just near at Laoag International Airport at La Paz Sand Dunes.


               To those who haven’t had summer vacation yet you still have this last weekend of May to make the most memorable summer experience. It’s not yet late! Enjoy the last dip of summer ‘cause school days are coming!




Sunnies: Tomato

Outer Wear: Bazaar

Swimsuit: http://www.eazyfashion.com


               I know most of you are enjoying the heat and soak under the sun. Summer is the best time for vacation but I guess this time I won’t enjoy summer that much as I go job hunting. My priority now is to look for a job as soon as possible so I could settle now on my own but of course my family (my real family) would still be part of it.

               Today’s blog post is all about the things to be prepared when your having your summer vacation. Let’s start with:


Preferably a water-based sunblock so it will last long even if your swimming. Choose the best sunblock with the right amount of protection. For me, I am using the product of my tita from Luis Skin Clinic which is the SPF45 Matte Finish Sunblock but if  I would go on swimming I am using the all new Vaseline’s Water-based serum which has SPF30.


2. Shades/Sunnies/Eyewears/Sunglasses/Hats

Shades, sunnies, sunglasses or eyewears are a great fashion accessories as it also protects us from the heat of the sun. This accessories protects our eyes from painful sunburns. Don’t you know that this can cause to skin cancer?

IMG_2248 3. Waterproof gadgets or waterproof cellphone case

Protect first your gadgets most especially when you are going nearby water areas. I know gadgets nowadays are the life of everyone. Right? IMG_2250

4. Perfect outfit such as bikinis or even maxis

Make sure to select the proper and most convenient outfit when you are going out on a vacation. Dress comfortably. If you are wearing a bikini, make sure to double check it from wardrobe malfunction. The most important tip I can give to you is to dress comfortably as your reason for having a vacation is to relax.

IMG_2249 5. Proper Planning

Plan well ahead of time. List down all the things you want to do on that vacation so you won’t miss out anything. Make your vacation memorable.

IMG_2251 IMG_2253


Eyewear: Tomato

Maxi Dress: Cinderella

Hat: SM Accesories

Flas Tattoos: FashionSpiceManila (ig)