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Summer is already on its way. That means hot weather, beach time, shorts, sandals, sundresses–and lots of it but the question is, are you ready? Are you ready with crowded airports, cramped flights and long road trips?

Not to worry though because Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, the city’s top urban nail and pampering destination in the country will got you covered! This salon and spa has been everyone’s go-to destination for the season. It allows you to feel like you’re just taking a short vacation.

Here’s a run-down of things-to-do to keep your skin, tips, and toes be summer ready!

Prepare for sandal-season
Over the holidays, when the wind blew colder and your legs and feet were clad in tights and boots, it was easy to miss your regular waxing and pedicure appointments. But summer means trading in your warmer outfits for colorful shorts and summer skirts, paired with your favorite flip-flops or sandals. Book an appointment for a pedicure ASAP and jumpstart the season with a waxing session to get your stems ready.
Get ready for summer outfits
Legs are a major focus during summer that it’s easy to forget your arms need attention too. Because of the weather, you’ll be baring your arms and shoulders as soon as the wind blows a little warmer. Get them in perfect summer shape by booking a moisturizing treatment, followed by a manicure. Be sure to choose a bright hue on your nails to complement the season.
Make sure you’re super Summer-ready
Before you head off for your summer adventure, get yourself primed for the season by getting a head to toe buff and polish. Get Vitamin Sea: Manicure, Pedicure and Foot Spa to stimulate blood flow and leave skin glowing.  Be sure to moisturize post treatment by keeping a bottle of Argan oil handy.
Post-holiday Pampering Day
A visit to your favorite nail salon isn’t just for pre-holiday beach trips; sometimes, you need vacation from your vacation too. Summer means crowded airports, cramped flights, long road trips—and you’ll need to unwind after. Choose from our menu of spa treatments so that you not only get to relax, you also make sure you’re prepped and ready to go for your next vacation.
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Summer 2016 is officially on and I know that the usual outfit in our list every summer are tank tops, loose shirts, shorty shorts and romper but let me share with you another trend this summer.


Pants are not very common during summer but this time let me prove you wrong with the type of pants I’m wearing below. This post will definitely prove that pants is a must have!




This summer season is the perfect time to do experiments! The casual yet cool outfits has proven to be a wardrobe staple for summer. For my outfit, I opted to wear a see through off shoulder top so it would be more comfy to the feeling due to the weather and paired it with a candy colored trousers which is my current favorite. I know pants maybe a little bit tricky if you wanted a head turner or an on-point outfit but balancing must be the key point so you would be able to pull off this style. I never been a fan of pants but this trousers made me realized that I should because I feel relaxed all day long. To complete the summer look, flaunt your panama hats!




So there you have it, gotta keep your pants on this summer!



Top: From mom’s vintage clothes collection

Pants: Alex J. Bitong

Hat: SM Accessories


               Summer 2015 passed by so quickly to me as I was so busy in school for our graduation requirements and exit clearance, eligibility review and examination and the very tiring job hunting but all my hardworks this summer paid off as I was able to graduate with high and competitive grades and finally got a job which is very close to my heart. Since I was able to settle all my duties and responsibilities this summer well I guess I deserve the much awaited summer break and I already started it last week in Baguio together with my highschool loves which will be soon on my blog and now a beach break at Fort Ilocandia Resort for the last weekend of May.

                If you had noticed in my previous blogs Fort Ilocandia is my favorite getaway spot here in Ilocos Norte most specially the beach part having a gentle sand and aside from that you are already facing South China Sea. That’s cool right? Fort Ilocandia is the perfect place if you’re looking for a Spanish ambiance and Ilocano features having a century-old living quarters. So if you want to have a visit it’s just located at Brgy. 37 Calayab, Laoag City which is just near at Laoag International Airport at La Paz Sand Dunes.


               To those who haven’t had summer vacation yet you still have this last weekend of May to make the most memorable summer experience. It’s not yet late! Enjoy the last dip of summer ‘cause school days are coming!




Sunnies: Tomato

Outer Wear: Bazaar

Swimsuit: http://www.eazyfashion.com


               I think I already need to hit the beach and soak under the sun before summer break ends and here you go a me time at the beach. Beach and sunsets will always be my favorite scenery because of its natural beauty though I am not really a fan of Mr. Sun. One thing I can assure you when you are at the beach aside from getting a good shots and no need filter sunset shots is having an ultimate relaxation. It’s a perfect place to have some peace of mind and get rid with problems for the mean time. Now you know where to find me if I do have problems or want some relaxation. My family and I have a habit of going to the beach every weekend to have some family chitchats and yes that’s the way of our bonding. So we make it a point to have some family time at the beach whenever I go home in Ilocos Norte. Our favorite beach is at Fort Ilocandia since it’s just a 10-15 minute drive away from our home.

                 So if you are planning to have vacation here in our province, you must try a dip at Fort Ilocandia Resort and Hotel.



Swimsuit: http://www.eazyfashion.com

Sunnies: Tomato

Hat: SM Accessories

Flash Tattoos: FashionSpiceManila(ig)


               Are you having a hard time in choosing what to wear this summer? Well you probably do just like me as the sun is not cooperating this time. This is just a common tip but I think this will something help and remind you in your OOTD’s this summer. You must chose the bright and light-colored ones over the dark ones. Dark hues are not a must this summer this will just absorb more of the heat over the bright  ones. Try to choose pastels because this will surely refresh yourself this summer. It’s time to wear your crop tops that are light material, fitflops, sleeveless, sunnies and shorts probably not maong just try the pompom shorts, origami shorts or even board shorts. Plus don’t put too much accessories, if possible just your clothes, sunnies and hats.







Crop top: ClothesBuffetManila (ig)

Shorts: Cheekoree

Flats: Landmark


               I know most of you are enjoying the heat and soak under the sun. Summer is the best time for vacation but I guess this time I won’t enjoy summer that much as I go job hunting. My priority now is to look for a job as soon as possible so I could settle now on my own but of course my family (my real family) would still be part of it.

               Today’s blog post is all about the things to be prepared when your having your summer vacation. Let’s start with:


Preferably a water-based sunblock so it will last long even if your swimming. Choose the best sunblock with the right amount of protection. For me, I am using the product of my tita from Luis Skin Clinic which is the SPF45 Matte Finish Sunblock but if  I would go on swimming I am using the all new Vaseline’s Water-based serum which has SPF30.


2. Shades/Sunnies/Eyewears/Sunglasses/Hats

Shades, sunnies, sunglasses or eyewears are a great fashion accessories as it also protects us from the heat of the sun. This accessories protects our eyes from painful sunburns. Don’t you know that this can cause to skin cancer?

IMG_2248 3. Waterproof gadgets or waterproof cellphone case

Protect first your gadgets most especially when you are going nearby water areas. I know gadgets nowadays are the life of everyone. Right? IMG_2250

4. Perfect outfit such as bikinis or even maxis

Make sure to select the proper and most convenient outfit when you are going out on a vacation. Dress comfortably. If you are wearing a bikini, make sure to double check it from wardrobe malfunction. The most important tip I can give to you is to dress comfortably as your reason for having a vacation is to relax.

IMG_2249 5. Proper Planning

Plan well ahead of time. List down all the things you want to do on that vacation so you won’t miss out anything. Make your vacation memorable.

IMG_2251 IMG_2253


Eyewear: Tomato

Maxi Dress: Cinderella

Hat: SM Accesories

Flas Tattoos: FashionSpiceManila (ig)


          Summer is ready so you must also get ready to be perfect with your bikinis, sunnies, hats, maxis but of course don’t forget to protect your skin first such as sunblock and lotion with the proper SPF. Oops Vaseline has a solution to that, the all new Vaseline Water-Based Serum, a lotion with SPF30 that provides protection from UVB rays of the sun. This helps you protect your skin all day long under the heat of the sun and saves you from sunburn and skin damage, plus it also has a Vitamin B3 that can whiten skin. I know most of us hates the feeling of a sticky sunblock and lotion but Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum comes in a non-sticky formula because it is easily absorbed by the skin. 

          You can buy this at all Supermarkets nationwide! 


          With Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum, I can flawlessly enjoy the radiance without worrying about my glossy skin. I can absolutely hug the brilliance of the sun with fine excitement. 

            Not only that, Vaseline also is giving away a trip for two to Bali! Yes, that’s right! Here’s the mechanics:

1. Post your best summer photo on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Answer the question “With @VaselinePH Water-Based Serum, how will you #SeizeTheSummer?”.

3. Don’t forget to tag @VaselinePH @ClozetteCo and use the hashtags #TeamSummerSolstice #Clozette #SeizeTheSummer @VaselinePH to qualify your entries.

Note: You can post as many entries as you want as long as they are different photos with different captions! Be creative! Make sure your profiles are public so Vaseline and Clozette could verify your entries.

The contest will run till March 25, 2015! Goodluck!

P.S I just wanted to thank Clozette and Vaseline for this project campaign.