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               I think I already need to hit the beach and soak under the sun before summer break ends and here you go a me time at the beach. Beach and sunsets will always be my favorite scenery because of its natural beauty though I am not really a fan of Mr. Sun. One thing I can assure you when you are at the beach aside from getting a good shots and no need filter sunset shots is having an ultimate relaxation. It’s a perfect place to have some peace of mind and get rid with problems for the mean time. Now you know where to find me if I do have problems or want some relaxation. My family and I have a habit of going to the beach every weekend to have some family chitchats and yes that’s the way of our bonding. So we make it a point to have some family time at the beach whenever I go home in Ilocos Norte. Our favorite beach is at Fort Ilocandia since it’s just a 10-15 minute drive away from our home.

                 So if you are planning to have vacation here in our province, you must try a dip at Fort Ilocandia Resort and Hotel.



Swimsuit: http://www.eazyfashion.com

Sunnies: Tomato

Hat: SM Accessories

Flash Tattoos: FashionSpiceManila(ig)


               I know most of you are enjoying the heat and soak under the sun. Summer is the best time for vacation but I guess this time I won’t enjoy summer that much as I go job hunting. My priority now is to look for a job as soon as possible so I could settle now on my own but of course my family (my real family) would still be part of it.

               Today’s blog post is all about the things to be prepared when your having your summer vacation. Let’s start with:


Preferably a water-based sunblock so it will last long even if your swimming. Choose the best sunblock with the right amount of protection. For me, I am using the product of my tita from Luis Skin Clinic which is the SPF45 Matte Finish Sunblock but if  I would go on swimming I am using the all new Vaseline’s Water-based serum which has SPF30.


2. Shades/Sunnies/Eyewears/Sunglasses/Hats

Shades, sunnies, sunglasses or eyewears are a great fashion accessories as it also protects us from the heat of the sun. This accessories protects our eyes from painful sunburns. Don’t you know that this can cause to skin cancer?

IMG_2248 3. Waterproof gadgets or waterproof cellphone case

Protect first your gadgets most especially when you are going nearby water areas. I know gadgets nowadays are the life of everyone. Right? IMG_2250

4. Perfect outfit such as bikinis or even maxis

Make sure to select the proper and most convenient outfit when you are going out on a vacation. Dress comfortably. If you are wearing a bikini, make sure to double check it from wardrobe malfunction. The most important tip I can give to you is to dress comfortably as your reason for having a vacation is to relax.

IMG_2249 5. Proper Planning

Plan well ahead of time. List down all the things you want to do on that vacation so you won’t miss out anything. Make your vacation memorable.

IMG_2251 IMG_2253


Eyewear: Tomato

Maxi Dress: Cinderella

Hat: SM Accesories

Flas Tattoos: FashionSpiceManila (ig)


Thank you Lord for making me happy as always 🙂 This is my 1st round of happiness. 

1. High Grades

I got a 1.00 prelim grade for my Tourism182 subject! Cheers to that! All my efforts has paid off!

2. Graduation

April is coming so fast and finally I am welcoming myself to the world of unemployed but soon to be employed and that is my priority right after graduation. Hoping that I could find the right job God intended for me.

3. New Car

My brother just got his 1st hot wheels last January and I am so proud of him. This car would help me a lot in doing my errands. 

4. Star Clozetter

Thank you to Lystra Aranal for giving me a break in the world of fashion and in blogging. Join our community and be a Clozetter on http://www.clozette.com.

5. Family and Friends

My family always make it up on me. I am filled with happy thoughts because of them plus my friends such as my highschool friends, college friends and blogger friends. I am catching up with my friends recently because I know I am always the “drawing” hahaha. 










Top: bazaar

Shorts: Trinoma

Shoes: Primadonna

Hat: SM Accessories


After a week of not updating my social media accounts that much because I had to undergo training before our deployment in the airport for our practicum here is an outfit which is literally perfect for this season.  Actually this outfit posts was already taken last March in the US when they had their last snowfall for that year but of course I can’t share an outfit for cold weather during the summer season here in the Philippines right?  And now the perfect time to share this outfit finally came! Time really flies so fast.

          Back to my outfit, layering was so much fun and that’s the reason why I enjoyed my staycation in US. You can have everything in one ensemble. And also one thing I learned dressing up in US is there is no word too much; no one cares what you are wearing. The funny thing I did while I was in US was I invested lots of winter clothes which looks like I am already staying there for good haha you know what I feel right? Well I could still use those winter clothes to my next trip and watch out for that.  If only the weather in US is the same here in the Philippines then dressing up would always be fun.





Beanie and Scarf: SM Accessories

Gloves: 5below

Boots: Forever21



Hi readers! Here’s another outfit post for you. This time it’s more elegant and classy which is perfect for occasions, meetings and gatherings. Since sembreak is over let me share the things I love during sembreak. During sembreak I got the chance to go home to my province which is in Ilocos Norte and be with my family and of course I get the chance to wear anything I want. Since the time I moved in Manila to study, I noticed lately that I’m becoming tired to dress up because I find too hassle being in Manila such as traffic, pollution and the crowd unlike when I’m still in our province I can wear anything even if people seems that I’m in outer space because of what I am wearing. So everytime I go home to Ilocos I wear all the outer space thingy that I have.

And now about my outfit, I choose this blue dress and it’s my first ever collection of blue-colored  dress. This dress was a gift from my aunt and I really love the fitting and it matches my first pair of shoes from DAS Collection. It’s my dream to have a shoes from DAS and now I’m proud to be a DAS sister and I’ll be watching their next collection.









Dress: Ever New by Melbourne

Shoes: DAS

Watch: Timex

Cllutch: Sm Accesories


Let me share what I wore when we visited Six Flags New Jersey. 

If you’ve read my previous blog about my Six Flags Adventure you will know the reason why I choose this kind of outfit. Well, the primary reason was to have a valid reason to escape to go with the rides but sad to say it didn’t work. I thought it was cold during that day so I brought up my cardigan but maybe because of nervous I sweat all day long so I just have to tie my cardigan on my waist so I could enjoy the rides and that cardigan also made my outfit brighter. I had to tie my cardigan on my waist because I can’t hold my other stuff while I’m on the ride and of course I have to secure my hat as well hahahaha .

What do you think readers????

Yay or Nay??? 🙂 






Dress: Plains and Prints

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed

Watch: Timex

Bowler Hat: SM Accessories

Chain Necklace: Landmark



One of my travel plans is to see and experience the rides in Six Flags. I was able to see a lot of attractions inside the Six Flags such as Movie Town, Lakefront, Adventure Alley, Frontier Adventures and many more. Honestly, I am not fund of any extreme rides but thanks to my friends who pushed me to conquer my fears and I’m happy I did it! Wohoooo!!!!

We got a free entrance, ride all you can and unlimited foods because of the Filipino’s working there and it was really a big help to us because we got to save atleast $100. We had the right timing in going to Six Flags because that day was their opening so they have a lot of promos. 

Sorry I don’t have pictures while on the rides because they do restrict bringing cameras and take pictures for the safety of our gadgets. 

What I enjoyed the most was riding in the Green Lantern even if I had a hard time on that ride because in that ride you must be standing  and I remember I was wearing a dress and everyone’s looking at my legs and good thing I am wearing a cycling so I don’t have to worry enough what I look like. Maybe you are all wondering why I am wearing a dress in going to this kind of place, well the reason is for me to have an acceptable and varied reason not to join my friends in having rides like what I’ve told you earlier that I am not fund of extreme rides. But that kind of reasoning didn’t worked to my friends.
















Hat: SM Accessories

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed