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Summer 2016 is officially on and I know that the usual outfit in our list every summer are tank tops, loose shirts, shorty shorts and romper but let me share with you another trend this summer.


Pants are not very common during summer but this time let me prove you wrong with the type of pants I’m wearing below. This post will definitely prove that pants is a must have!




This summer season is the perfect time to do experiments! The casual yet cool outfits has proven to be a wardrobe staple for summer. For my outfit, I opted to wear a see through off shoulder top so it would be more comfy to the feeling due to the weather and paired it with a candy colored trousers which is my current favorite. I know pants maybe a little bit tricky if you wanted a head turner or an on-point outfit but balancing must be the key point so you would be able to pull off this style. I never been a fan of pants but this trousers made me realized that I should because I feel relaxed all day long. To complete the summer look, flaunt your panama hats!




So there you have it, gotta keep your pants on this summer!



Top: From mom’s vintage clothes collection

Pants: Alex J. Bitong

Hat: SM Accessories


          I like pink. I always have. Pink is commonly girl’s favorite color as it signifies universal love and affection and aside from that it represents femininity and many women tend to like it because of that reason. As for me, ever since I was a kid, pink was my one and only favorite color as it really brings out the skin tone and I found myself very young if you’re wearing clothes in pink plus it makes me imagine that everything is lovely. Pink is the color of all things that are fun about being a girl. Maybe that’s the reason why my style is very girly and chic but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear others colors. Well I do wear other colors but still in a girly manner.

          Mind to share what’s your favorite color or are we on the same taste of color? Feel free to share your stories by having a comment!








Top and Skirt: GTW by SM

Shoes: Solemate by SM

Hat: Robinsons Department Store

Canon EOS 100D452

               Welcome back to school students! Today is the official first day of college students so for sure you are well prepared for this day from your notebooks, ballpens, bags and of course your outfit, right? I know how excited you are to meet your old and new friends and blockmates and be surprised who will be your adviser and professor as I was also a student before. Aww, I miss those student days of mine. Well some schools are strictly on daily school uniform basis but this blog is also advisable if you do have activities in schools which requires freedom to wear anything you want but with decency of course or the common term in students “the civilian attire”. As I’ve mentioned earlier that I was also a student before but it doesn’t mean that I am old enough ’cause I’m just a fresh graduate  (defensive way haha), I envy students who are enrolled in schools that doesn’t require to wear school uniform everyday ’cause they have the freedom to choose their OOTDs but now I realized that my former schools were right to have a strict school uniform policy because now I do miss wearing my uniform and the advantage of that is you don’t have to worry all night of what to wear tomorrow, be late in school and be away of the girl’s attitude “I already wear that set of clothes”, “I need to buy new clothes for next week’s class/activity”. My parents enrolled me in a private schools from preschool up to college and not just a private school but also a Catholic school so they really do have reason to be strict when it comes to uniform and not only in uniform but also to our outfits when we do have programs and activities like slippers, shorts, mini skirts, crop tops, ripped pants, leggings and sleveless are not allowed inside the campus.

Canon EOS 100D453

               Going on to my topic which is about the back to school outfit inspiration which is a very school girl kind of outfit. Actually this kind of outfit is my peg during my days as a student. I really do love Korean fashion-fun colors, mix and match and very girly girl which is very me. Any polo or top with collar will do for this outfit because tops with collar is like a school girl and a business attire thing which symbolizes decency and formality. At first, I am not really fan of any polo or collar type tops maybe because of the weather and it’s like very formal but now you can turn it into casual type and turn it into girly girl by adding collar necklaces or even bow tie or scarf and have your own distinct style. Try this so called #JamilaJoyceStyle 🙂

               I hope this blog helped you! Enjoy and have a blast in your first day in school S.Y 2015-2016!

Canon EOS 100D454

Canon EOS 100D455

Canon EOS 100D459

Canon EOS 100D462

Canon EOS 100D464

Canon EOS 100D466

Canon EOS 100D469

Canon EOS 100D471

Canon EOS 100D472

Canon EOS 100D474

Canon EOS 100D477

Canon EOS 100D478


Polo: Morgan

Leather shorts: Cesaph (instagram)

Heels: Jellybean

Necklace: Penshoppe

Bag: Coach

Socks: H&M


               It’s that time of the year again! Bloggers United is already at their 9th installment and this time it will be brought by Smart Communications, Inc plus a lot more sponsors and guests. This will be another jam packed event of bloggers and their readers. This event is also open for public so everyone is welcome and have some fun ’cause I assure you once you get into this event, you will be looking forward for the next installment.  BU9 will be on June 06, 2015 at Whitespace, Makati and just a reminder this event is only a one whole day event so better save this day and your money because this is the time where in you will have a great bonding with your favorite local bloggers and who knows this will be your motivation to be a blogger just like me.


                So now this blog is about the outfit I wore last Bloggers United so that you will have an idea of what your are going to wear this upcoming event of bloggers and their readers. Well I advise you to wear something comfy if you’re going to this kind of event because I know for sure it will be a tiring day-tired of shopping and taking pictures with the bloggers and your OOTD’s as well. As I always say in my previous blogs, comfy must be your priority when having an OOTD and of course you must know well where and what event you’re going.


Top: Alexander J. Bitong

Boots: Celine by CMG