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This is the perfect time to thank and be thankful to everyone who’s with my journey this year  2014 from my family, friends and my blog readers. I have to thank a lot of people for my achievements this year. First on the list is my family for their unending love and support who always supports me in everything I do from school activities to my passion in blogging. My mom who never fails to support my decisions, who never dragged me down and who never get tired of taking my outfit shots and please just stay like that mom. My dad who keeps our family relationship tight and keeps fighting and made my brother and I well discipline. My brother whom the achiever of the family and my role model because of what he achieved at his very young age. Second would be my highschool, college and blogger friends who always makes me laugh and supports my passion in blogging by taking my outfit shots, thank you for being supportive! I hope we’ll continue our friendship for many more years to come. Third would be our God for giving me lot of good memories to be thankful such as giving me the opportunity to be in United States by myself for 3 months at a very young age, making my wishes for my family come true and giving me lessons to learn. This year would be very special to me and hoping that my year 2015 would be as lucky as year 2014!  More memories to be shared this 2015! 

On my street style outfit, cardigans on waist is a new trend for casual because of the moody weather. Cardigans in terms of fashion is a two-way, either you wear them on your shoulders or on your waist but for me I decided to put it on my waist so I could give emphasis on my top and also we headed up to a restaurant for my highschool friend’s bday celebration so hello calories and carbs so I guess i have to cover up my tummy hahaha 






Top: Alex Bitong

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed from Robinsons

Shoes: snh_fashion (ig)

Bag: Rosegal


It’s my first time to ride in a bus in the United States so I was a little bit scared  going to Philadelphia from Baltimore, Maryland. We took the Megabus and it’s very affordable and convenient. We only paid $17 going to Philadelphia which is about 3 hours drive from our state (Maryland).  I was able to see also the 30th Street Philly Station of Amtrak which is very classy inside. Good thing my supervisor grant my four days leave, lucky me to have a nice supervisor. Shopping here and there was my peg during my stay in Philly and New Jersey. I spent all my salary for that week. I think New Jersey was meant to me because of free tax, so I was able to buy clothes, shoes and bags in my favorite brands and they are all on sale like Forever21, H&M, Aldo, Kenneth Cole, Guess and a lot more.  







Sabrina top: Alex Bitong

Vest: Guess

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed

Bag: Kate Spade

Pants: Grand Celebrity Bazaar

Boots: Burlington USA


Let me share what I wore when we visited Six Flags New Jersey. 

If you’ve read my previous blog about my Six Flags Adventure you will know the reason why I choose this kind of outfit. Well, the primary reason was to have a valid reason to escape to go with the rides but sad to say it didn’t work. I thought it was cold during that day so I brought up my cardigan but maybe because of nervous I sweat all day long so I just have to tie my cardigan on my waist so I could enjoy the rides and that cardigan also made my outfit brighter. I had to tie my cardigan on my waist because I can’t hold my other stuff while I’m on the ride and of course I have to secure my hat as well hahahaha .

What do you think readers????

Yay or Nay??? 🙂 






Dress: Plains and Prints

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed

Watch: Timex

Bowler Hat: SM Accessories

Chain Necklace: Landmark



One of my travel plans is to see and experience the rides in Six Flags. I was able to see a lot of attractions inside the Six Flags such as Movie Town, Lakefront, Adventure Alley, Frontier Adventures and many more. Honestly, I am not fund of any extreme rides but thanks to my friends who pushed me to conquer my fears and I’m happy I did it! Wohoooo!!!!

We got a free entrance, ride all you can and unlimited foods because of the Filipino’s working there and it was really a big help to us because we got to save atleast $100. We had the right timing in going to Six Flags because that day was their opening so they have a lot of promos. 

Sorry I don’t have pictures while on the rides because they do restrict bringing cameras and take pictures for the safety of our gadgets. 

What I enjoyed the most was riding in the Green Lantern even if I had a hard time on that ride because in that ride you must be standing  and I remember I was wearing a dress and everyone’s looking at my legs and good thing I am wearing a cycling so I don’t have to worry enough what I look like. Maybe you are all wondering why I am wearing a dress in going to this kind of place, well the reason is for me to have an acceptable and varied reason not to join my friends in having rides like what I’ve told you earlier that I am not fund of extreme rides. But that kind of reasoning didn’t worked to my friends.
















Hat: SM Accessories

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed