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               Are you having bad days lately or does it become a habit? I know exactly how you feel if you’re having bad days but I get tired of it so what I did is I made a simple checklist to remember what to do if bad vibes is on the way and it worked.



1. Control yourself.

               Don’t be the one in charge in ruining your day. Chill and hardly breath! Try to remember that once you deal and engage with Mr. Bad Vibes then you just wasted a day with him.



2. Better days are coming.

Do you remember the saying “No storm can last forever. Better days are coming, are coming your way.”? Just feel it okay? Maybe what you wanted might not end exactly but try to figure out that everything has a purpose and the only thing you need to do to see that purpose is to widen your thinking.



3. Struggles are everywhere.

We are not living in a perfect world because life would never be perfect.



4. Good things are appreciated because of hard times.



In addition onto this blog post, lately I’ve been definitely liking the new collection of XOXO at ZALORA! I am turning one as a brand ambassador at http://www.zalora.com but this collection is one of my favorites. Go and figure out what I’m talking about at the link below:





Top: Alexander J. Bitong

Shorts: Bazaar

Shoes: Vina Guerrero’s Closet

Necklace: Penshoppe

Bangles: Landmark Trinoma

Flower Crown: Burlington Outlet Store


               Can you make a guess what’s new in my playlist for this month? Giving you some hints: (1) something that goes with party vibe or can make you groove and (2) sang by popular international icons. I was addicted to these songs lately after I went to Ampersand Bar in Baguio City together with my highschool friends. Maybe I just had so much fun that night because that’s our first night out together with my highschool besties  at the bar- dancing, making a booty shake, giggle with no poise and of course drinking ’cause we’re just enjoying our lives as we are now graduates and now we belong in the world of professionals. I just have a short story to tell what really happened that night that I couldn’t forget and this is all about my friends, actually they really don’t dance eversince but I was able to take them at the dance floor making some booty shake infront of the DJ! Congrats guys I’m so proud of you that night. That’s another achievement for me yey! And don’t you know that they still have a duty the following day but they were able to make it but I’m not sure if they were still high during their duty hahaha.

               So why don’t you scroll down and see what’s new in my playlist and see if we have the same taste of music 🙂

IMG_0399 1. Outside by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding

2. Ayo by Chris Brown IMG_0400 3. Flo rida- GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas

4. Talking Body by Tove Lo IMG_0402 5. Time of Our Lives by Pitbull

6. Where are U Now by Skrillex and Diplo featuring Justin Bieber IMG_0401


Top: Alex J. Bitong


Sandals:Landmark Trinoma

Watch: Casio


               Are you having a hard time in choosing what to wear this summer? Well you probably do just like me as the sun is not cooperating this time. This is just a common tip but I think this will something help and remind you in your OOTD’s this summer. You must chose the bright and light-colored ones over the dark ones. Dark hues are not a must this summer this will just absorb more of the heat over the bright  ones. Try to choose pastels because this will surely refresh yourself this summer. It’s time to wear your crop tops that are light material, fitflops, sleeveless, sunnies and shorts probably not maong just try the pompom shorts, origami shorts or even board shorts. Plus don’t put too much accessories, if possible just your clothes, sunnies and hats.







Crop top: ClothesBuffetManila (ig)

Shorts: Cheekoree

Flats: Landmark

IMG_3988          Preview Magazine on Manila Fashion Festival. Preview magazine conducted three sessions last March 20, 2015 at The Eye and Axon Function rooms of Green Sun Hotel, Makati City, Philippines- How I Started In Fashion, Fashion Editorial Styling and Building a Brand. I was kinda late for the first session because I went first to my graduation practice and I thought they will not strictly follow the time but atleast I was able to catch half of the talk for the first session.

          For the first session, It’s all about how did they started in the fashion industry conducted by the panelists BJ Pascual, Owen Sarmiento and Francis Libiran. It’s a 1 hour and 30 minutes talk. Well, BJ Pascual was one of the reasons why I am looking forward to this event to know more about him. BJ Pascual is one of Manila’s most in-demand fashion photographers. According to him his skills were discovered through http://www.multiply.com wherein he just posted his works. Another panelists is Owen Sarmiento, a freelance make-up artist who worked with MAC Cosmetics for 6 years and has done numerous editorials and covers for Preview. And lastly the most awaited for this session is Francis Libiran. He is one of Manila’s leading fashion designers, and a red carpet favorite with a strong celebrity base. According to him, he was an architect before turned fashion designer. Well, he’s really a natural born fashionista. No doubt that he is now successful in his career because he is so down to Earth guy. He approaches everyone. According to their talk for those people who are starting out in fashion industry take your time and know your identity first. Have time to observe because quality matters. IMG_3979

IMG_3965 IMG_3987

Yey I have a selfie with Francis Libiran.

IMG_3980 IMG_3970 IMG_4012          The next 1 hour and 30 minutes session is all about editorial fashion styling with speakers Daryl Chang and Vince Uy. Vince Uy is in Russia that time so he wasn’t able to make it on the talk but to give you a background about him he is the Creative Director of Preview Magazine and the brother of Celebrity Stylist Lizz Uy and Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy. Since Vince Uy wasn’t around, this session was all led by Daryl Chang who is the Fashion Director of Preview Magazine. Daryl Chang went straight to the point such as the five stages that should be known in the process of editorial fashion styling-Moodboards, sourcing, pull-outs, shooting and post-production. The whole talk was just fun because she made it simple it direct to the point. Daryl Chang also showed some of their works: IMG_4014 IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4023 IMG_4028 IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4034 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4039 IMG_4040 IMG_4042 IMG_4060

          Selfie again with her!


Also with BJ Pascual


          And for the third session it’s all about building a brand with Rissa Mananquil who is a co-founder and partner of Happy Skin Cosmetics and Jappy Gonzales who is the Managing Director of H&F Retail Concepts Inc., the local franchise holder of Carven, Lanvin, Balenciaga and Comme de Garcons. In this session, it goes all around the topics discussed from the previous sessions of Francis Libiran, Bj Pascual, Owen Sarmiento, Vince Uy and Daryl Chang. As mentioned in the first session that know your identity first because knowing your identity will help you determine your brand. Also, social media is great tool when it comes to building a brand as it empowers your likers and followers about your brand and product.

IMG_4077 IMG_3996


Top: MNG

Pants: Landmark

Shoes: Kenneth Cole


Time flies so fast! Whoaaahhh! I can’t believe It’s already March and this means summer and sun-kissed skin is coming along the way. I know you are all excited for summer because it’s vacation time, time for family and friends but for me I am looking forward on my graduation day (fingers crossed). Don’t you know that it will be my first time to march wearing toga? Yes that’s true believe it or not. We always wear our gala uniform during graduation in Divine Word College of Laoag so now I am eager to ramp my toga and this will be my best OOTD so far. Another thing I’m looking forward this month is my Amadeus examination and hoping I would pass this exam so It would be another point on my curriculum vitae. Goodluck to me and to my fellow examinees 🙂

Oooppsss just a little bit reminder make your plans ahead of time most especially on planning what to do on vacation and where to go. Make your vacation full of fun memories.

How about you what are the things you are looking forward this month? 

Share them and don’t forget to tag me 🙂











Top: Greenhills

Skirt: Landmark Trinoma

Shoes:@snh_fashion (ig)

Scarf: Landmark Trinoma

Photography: Selbor Robles of Shot Up Photography


Today’s blog is about the songs I keep on playing over and over for a month and I already memorize them that’s why I wanted to share it with you what are those songs. I am not a music lover but I guess listening to these kind of music feels so good and one of the best feelings. This playlist is perfect when your having your coffee in the morning, you’re on a road trip, you just want to be alone or you want to do clubbing just inside your room. My playlist has different genres so it would suit in any mood and emotion.

Scroll down and know what’s inside my playlist for this month 🙂


1. Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding

I know everyone is talking about Mr. Christian Grey 🙂 Right girls?


2. Trumpets by Jason Derulo


3. Essential by Weeked


4. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore


5. Take Me Home by Chainsmokers


6. Say My Name by Odesza (RAC Remix)


7. Blank Space by Taylor Swift

I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. Her songs are easy to memorize and very catchy 🙂


8. Black Widow by Iggy Azalea


9. Sugar by Maroon 5

Their music video was inspired by the romantic comedy, Wedding Crashers.


10. Chandelier by Sia

This song stuck in my head most especially the one, two, three, one, two, three part haha 


11. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

This song was so much fun.


12. Animals by Martin Garrix


13. Break Free by Ariana Grande


14. Stay With Me by Sam Smith


Top: Bazaar

Pants: Landmark

Jacket: Rosegal

Shoes: Keds

Chokers: FashionSpiceManila (ig)


In this season, plaids are so much in because of its basically cross-barred pattern. Many adaptation of this style has been launch in the fashion industry. Plaids into modern, into ladylike, into grungy and into cosy. And for this outfit post, I turn plaid into a ladylike by matching my plaid skirt with plain top. I just had a minimal styling with this outfit because the cross-barred pattern of the skirt is already enhanced and I hit it slightly below the knee.

Now is the time to update the school girl uniform into something unique with a perfect blend of feminine elements just like what I did for this outfit post. 










Top: Alex Bitong

Skirt: Morgan

Flats: Landmark

Watch: Casio


As I’ve promised in my last blog that I will have more time to my passion which is blogging, here’s another outfit post for you my dear wonder is couture readers. This time I choose to wear girly graphic muscle tee and pair it with floral skort and finished it with layered chain necklace to add some edgy pieces. You will notice in every outfit post of mine that there will always be a flirty and feminine side, either floral or bright colors. It’s really nice to have some touch with our feminine side which gives good vibe. Isn’t it?

So what do you think about my look? Is it yay or nay?








Top, Skort and Accesories: Landmark

Heels: Ned


My nightmare (thesis)  was already over so it means I will be having more time in blogging and I am already away from stress (a big horray for that). By the way, this is what I wore when we had a family dinner last Sunday in Megamall Atrium.  Actually I was planning to use that polo for our thesis defense for the following day but my groupmates decided to use our practicum uniform instead. Good thing my brother decided to treat us last Sunday that’s why I still  got the chance to use that polo from Bayo and the weather cooperated because it was a little bit cozy. Well, florals are still my thing so I decided to match my top with a floral skirt since my top was just  plain white. One thing I’ve learned from this outfit post was Polo can be match with anything, it can turn it into girly, formal or even edgy kind of look.

How about you how will you match your polo?




Top: Bayo

Skirt: Rosegal

Choker: FashionSpiceManila (ig)

Flats: Landmark

Bag: Givenchy


Let me share what I wore when we visited Six Flags New Jersey. 

If you’ve read my previous blog about my Six Flags Adventure you will know the reason why I choose this kind of outfit. Well, the primary reason was to have a valid reason to escape to go with the rides but sad to say it didn’t work. I thought it was cold during that day so I brought up my cardigan but maybe because of nervous I sweat all day long so I just have to tie my cardigan on my waist so I could enjoy the rides and that cardigan also made my outfit brighter. I had to tie my cardigan on my waist because I can’t hold my other stuff while I’m on the ride and of course I have to secure my hat as well hahahaha .

What do you think readers????

Yay or Nay??? 🙂 






Dress: Plains and Prints

Cardigan: Never Been Kissed

Watch: Timex

Bowler Hat: SM Accessories

Chain Necklace: Landmark