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               I opted to wear a designer top since I it’s a fashion show and I like how designers remains the simple yet classic type so my top was from designer Alexander J. Bitong and paired it with a maxi skirt from an online shop at http://www.rosegal.com. I choose to be in a monochromatic style for this event because obviously in a fashion shows, black and white ensembles really do stand out. Everyone will be in their best edgy look. This is not really my style but I guess I have to consider also the event where I am going  in choosing my style and I think I was able to surpass the monochromatic challenge. Since it’s an all black challenge, good thing I have this black pair of heels from Kenneth Cole and this one is one of favorite pair of shoes most especially in attending events because it’s very light and easy to carry though it’s high and I don’t have to carry flat shoes anymore. Plus I got the chance to use this Coach bag that I got from my tita as my Christmas gift because as I’ve told you earlier I don’t have to bring a pair of flats anymore so now just my foundation,camera, purse and cellphone you will see inside my bag.





Top: Alexander Bitong

Skirt: Rosegal

Bag: Coach

Heels: Kenneth Cole


               Last mid of March I was invited to the Pure Shores Party of Neon Island which I already blogged about the said event together with my fellow blogging 101 classmates in courtesy of our blogging mentor, Alyssa Lapid of http://www.alyssalapid.com. Well at first I had a hard time choosing what to wear for that event because I know there will be some artists and bloggers coming so there is a little bit pressure such as Maxene Magalona and her sister Saab Magalona together with her husband Jim Bacarro, Rhian Ramos, Frank Magalona as NeonIsland was owned by the daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga which is Alyssa (Chi) Loyzaga Gibbs and her bestfriend Aira Medina. So I took a little bit research about the brand to have more ideas on what to wear so I guess I was able to chose the right one. The event was more of a blast of pink and turquoise which represents the brand having a cactus cupcakes, party hats, letter balloons and pure shores playlist,


With what I am wearing, I have obsessions on high slits as it gives sexiness same as through with the cut and style of my top that I got from Ripplesbyjenny on Instagram. Crop tops are really perfect when match with maxis as it looks you taller and also maxis covers up the height of your heels so it won’t be too obvious that you are wearing up to 5 inches high heels just so you will look tall. I am just 5’3” in height so I really need to look tall most especially if I know that I will be together with my friends that are tall.







Top: RipplesbyJenny (ig)

Maxi Skirt: http://www.tobi.com

Heels: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Rafe New York of http://www.rafe.com

Accessories: Robinsons Department Store

IMG_3988          Preview Magazine on Manila Fashion Festival. Preview magazine conducted three sessions last March 20, 2015 at The Eye and Axon Function rooms of Green Sun Hotel, Makati City, Philippines- How I Started In Fashion, Fashion Editorial Styling and Building a Brand. I was kinda late for the first session because I went first to my graduation practice and I thought they will not strictly follow the time but atleast I was able to catch half of the talk for the first session.

          For the first session, It’s all about how did they started in the fashion industry conducted by the panelists BJ Pascual, Owen Sarmiento and Francis Libiran. It’s a 1 hour and 30 minutes talk. Well, BJ Pascual was one of the reasons why I am looking forward to this event to know more about him. BJ Pascual is one of Manila’s most in-demand fashion photographers. According to him his skills were discovered through http://www.multiply.com wherein he just posted his works. Another panelists is Owen Sarmiento, a freelance make-up artist who worked with MAC Cosmetics for 6 years and has done numerous editorials and covers for Preview. And lastly the most awaited for this session is Francis Libiran. He is one of Manila’s leading fashion designers, and a red carpet favorite with a strong celebrity base. According to him, he was an architect before turned fashion designer. Well, he’s really a natural born fashionista. No doubt that he is now successful in his career because he is so down to Earth guy. He approaches everyone. According to their talk for those people who are starting out in fashion industry take your time and know your identity first. Have time to observe because quality matters. IMG_3979

IMG_3965 IMG_3987

Yey I have a selfie with Francis Libiran.

IMG_3980 IMG_3970 IMG_4012          The next 1 hour and 30 minutes session is all about editorial fashion styling with speakers Daryl Chang and Vince Uy. Vince Uy is in Russia that time so he wasn’t able to make it on the talk but to give you a background about him he is the Creative Director of Preview Magazine and the brother of Celebrity Stylist Lizz Uy and Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy. Since Vince Uy wasn’t around, this session was all led by Daryl Chang who is the Fashion Director of Preview Magazine. Daryl Chang went straight to the point such as the five stages that should be known in the process of editorial fashion styling-Moodboards, sourcing, pull-outs, shooting and post-production. The whole talk was just fun because she made it simple it direct to the point. Daryl Chang also showed some of their works: IMG_4014 IMG_4016 IMG_4017 IMG_4023 IMG_4028 IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4034 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4039 IMG_4040 IMG_4042 IMG_4060

          Selfie again with her!


Also with BJ Pascual


          And for the third session it’s all about building a brand with Rissa Mananquil who is a co-founder and partner of Happy Skin Cosmetics and Jappy Gonzales who is the Managing Director of H&F Retail Concepts Inc., the local franchise holder of Carven, Lanvin, Balenciaga and Comme de Garcons. In this session, it goes all around the topics discussed from the previous sessions of Francis Libiran, Bj Pascual, Owen Sarmiento, Vince Uy and Daryl Chang. As mentioned in the first session that know your identity first because knowing your identity will help you determine your brand. Also, social media is great tool when it comes to building a brand as it empowers your likers and followers about your brand and product.

IMG_4077 IMG_3996


Top: MNG

Pants: Landmark

Shoes: Kenneth Cole


          Just a few weeks to before our finals and our semester is about to end. Actually this will be my last semester in Centro Escolar University, Manila so for some reasons I will be busier this summer such as job hunting but I’ll find time to dip into summer in a bikini, sun-bathing by the beach with cocktails as I fell in love with Neon Island’s summer collection for 2015. They launch their newest summer collection last Friday, March 13, 2015 at SOMA Stores, Green Sun Hotel Makati. Not only that, they also celebrated their second anniversary.



          Just to give you a wider scope about the brand, Neon Island is a Filipino clothing brand and their pieces and designs has a sort of tropical vibe. Their collections revolve around nature and beautiful sceneries such as cactus, kiwis, papayas, pineapples, pastels and in cotton candy hues. They don’t just stick to clothes but also clutches. The owners of the brand were Alyssa Gibbs (daughter of the local singer Janno Gibbs and actress Bing Loyzaga) and Aira Medina who were best friends for almost a decade sharing the same passion. Yes they started to be friends when they were in high school until they decided to have an outlet which is something tropical and that is the Neon Island.







          Back to the event, I just want to say thank you to Miss Alyssa Lapid of alyssalapid.com for inviting us together with my fellow classmates in Blogging 101. The set-up reflects the brand’s name with a real pure shores party- perfect summer playlist, pina coladas, mylar balloons, golden party hats and cactus cupcakes.



















          You can visit their store at SOMA Stores or you can have it online at www.neonislandclothing.com. You can like/follow them on their facebook page (Neon Island), twitter and instagram (@neonisland).


Top: RipplesbyJenny (ig)

Maxi Skirt: http://www.tobi.com

Shoes: Kenneth Cole


Welcoming myself to the other side because of this kind of outfit. Bye flirty, feminine look, bright and pastel colors this time to match my DIY pants. I don’t usually wear pants for outfit post because it looks like simple and dull so I tried to give life to this old pants by making it as a DIY ripped pants to be more edgy and fashionable. Tried something new for my dedication in fashion and see you can still show some skin even if you’re wearing a pants. With this pants you can pair it with heels/wedges or even sneakers if you want. With me I tried to match it with wedge from Kenneth Cole so I am ready to go from morning to night time without changing. 

How about you how would you turn your old pants into something fashionable?






Top: from Bazaar in school

Pants: Customized 

Wedge: Kenneth Cole