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Most of my holidays are spent by doing household chores then travel afterwards. And so last Christmas vacation while cleaning our book shelves in the house I saw a book titled “Heritage” and I don’t exactly know why I got interested in it. I immediately stopped cleaning, took a sit and scanned the book and right there and then I saw this beautiful picture and review of Kaangrian Falls which is found in the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. I’ve grown in the province of Ilocos Norte but I never heard this falls. Since I’m the travel initiator and organizer in the family, I decided to visit this falls for our Christmas family outing.


Oops let’s have a trivia first. Do you ever wonder what does the word kaangrian means? “Kaangrian” came from the Ilocano term “naangri” which literally means “stinky or smelly” in English. Well this sounds Ironic for such a wonderful place that lay hidden amidst the forest of Barangay Paayas Burgos, Ilocos Norte. According to the residents of Burgos, this falls is well preserved and continues to be a must see spot in Ilocos Norte because no doubt that it really looks like a paradise-so calm and very natural scenery. But before reaching the said falls, you have to go through a non concrete, non limestone road and just a piece of advice, use a car recommend for adventures or else you’re going to face difficulties because it is really a rocky road and only good for one way. After that rocky road you will see a vacant lot wherein you can leave your car and start now the 15-20 minutes trek before you get to see the jaw dropping beauty of Kaangrian Falls.


The place was very peaceful. The water was so blue. All the stress in travelling just to witness this creation will all be eased out. More photos below:



Worth the climb to the top!



Way up going to Kaangrian falls, you will be able to see the full view of the famous Bangui Windmills.


More adventures to come! #JamilaGoesAround