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My mommy will always be a huge part of me and my brother’s life. She is our full time supporter in every way that she can. How did you do it all mo? To be a teacher, counselor, doctor, chef, playmate and a best friend? How did you find that energy? Well definitely the answer is LOVE! Inexhaustible love, right? And so now, I have so much to thank my mom for. For being so patient enough during my kamalditahan days. For being supportive in every decisions I take. Jamila Joyce wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for her. So mommy, thank you for the big, the small, the everything in between! Kuya and I will always be here for you no matter what! I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!






Jumper: http://www.shopcopper.com

Floppy Hats: @smaccessories (instagram)

               Have you thought about what to wear this Valentine’s Day? I know girls are going crazy right now because only few days left ’til heart’s day and I exactly know how you feel girls. Just a reminder not to stress out yourself just because of that. Remember that we need to look fresh on that special day because for sure we all wanted to look perfect in the eyes or our special someone because who knows that will be one of your happiest days in life. To be honest, I always look forward on this occasion and that includes sweet messages, chocolates, flowers, serenade and surprises either from a special someone, friend or family.

               Moving on to my main topic which is what to wear on this special day, of course we all wanted to impress our admirer and sweethearts whether you’re going to spend it outdoor or dining by candlelight. There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put on a standout ensemble but of course comfort should always be prioritized. Glitz and glamour, edgy, classy and girly chic, that’s all the style we wanted to achieve but for me I suggest to go for the classy one since it’s all about romance and that includes red color. Any top, dress or skirt which is red is good to go. Just accessorized it with any gold or silver to achieved that classy look for romantic dinner dates just like my photos below. In addition to that, don’t forget to smile, be confident and laugh because a bored expression on you won’t never look great.

Scroll down to sneak my style.







Top: @Monochromoshop (Instagram)

Skirt: http://www.rosegal.com

Heels: Parisian

Floppy Hat: @myhatandsole (Instagram)


               A new fashion media site was discovered. This social media site was made specifically for fashion oriented women. Let share anything about fashion and get my daily updates on my ootd on www.chiqchat.com. Don’t worry cause it’s definitely FREE so sign up now! The goal of Chiqchat is to provide online shops and users a platform wherein they focus with their passion for fashion just like me and also this is now your chance to establish and have an interactive online community with bloggers and their followers wherein there will be series of exchanging ideas related to fashion. Very awesome right?

               Chiqchat will be launching their mobile app soon to make this community more accessible. So for now, sign up now and share your fashion ideas and let’s make a bigger family here on www.chiqchat.com.


               I’m running out of ootds for a simple gathering with my college friends so here I am trying to mix and match some old stuffs in my closet to achieve the rocker chic look for this ootd for a change because lately I’m into girly stuffs-pink, florals, ribbons and blingblings. As my followers requested to try even just for once to be in a rocker chic style because of so much love for my followers and readers how can I not resist their request?! Yes, shirts and dark colors aren’t really my style but of course as a fashion blogger I have to be versatile as my blog title is “This Girl Does It All”; a fashionista who is willing to do everything from girly to grunge. Aside from that, that day also I have to run some errands in which I found out that I’m just on the right outfit then, comfy yet still on style. So I guess this is now the other side of Jamila.

              So what do you think guys, did I somehow achieve that rocker cshic style? Should I do more often this kind of style? Feel free to comment below.




Catch me on these events:

1. Fashtag boutique Grand Opening

     Date: September 18, 2015

     Where: PO’s Bldg Tomas Morato Q.C

2. Trendsetter’s Bazaar

     Dates: September 25-27, 2015

     Where: World Trade Center

3. Noel Bazaar

     Dates: October 16-18, 2015

     Where: Filinvest Tent Alabang


Top: Bershka from @clothesbuffetmanila (ig)

Shoes: Osiris


Hat: SM Accessories

Accessories: Claire’s


          I like pink. I always have. Pink is commonly girl’s favorite color as it signifies universal love and affection and aside from that it represents femininity and many women tend to like it because of that reason. As for me, ever since I was a kid, pink was my one and only favorite color as it really brings out the skin tone and I found myself very young if you’re wearing clothes in pink plus it makes me imagine that everything is lovely. Pink is the color of all things that are fun about being a girl. Maybe that’s the reason why my style is very girly and chic but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear others colors. Well I do wear other colors but still in a girly manner.

          Mind to share what’s your favorite color or are we on the same taste of color? Feel free to share your stories by having a comment!








Top and Skirt: GTW by SM

Shoes: Solemate by SM

Hat: Robinsons Department Store


               I opted to wear a designer top since I it’s a fashion show and I like how designers remains the simple yet classic type so my top was from designer Alexander J. Bitong and paired it with a maxi skirt from an online shop at http://www.rosegal.com. I choose to be in a monochromatic style for this event because obviously in a fashion shows, black and white ensembles really do stand out. Everyone will be in their best edgy look. This is not really my style but I guess I have to consider also the event where I am going  in choosing my style and I think I was able to surpass the monochromatic challenge. Since it’s an all black challenge, good thing I have this black pair of heels from Kenneth Cole and this one is one of favorite pair of shoes most especially in attending events because it’s very light and easy to carry though it’s high and I don’t have to carry flat shoes anymore. Plus I got the chance to use this Coach bag that I got from my tita as my Christmas gift because as I’ve told you earlier I don’t have to bring a pair of flats anymore so now just my foundation,camera, purse and cellphone you will see inside my bag.





Top: Alexander Bitong

Skirt: Rosegal

Bag: Coach

Heels: Kenneth Cole


               It’s that time of the year again! Bloggers United is already at their 9th installment and this time it will be brought by Smart Communications, Inc plus a lot more sponsors and guests. This will be another jam packed event of bloggers and their readers. This event is also open for public so everyone is welcome and have some fun ’cause I assure you once you get into this event, you will be looking forward for the next installment.  BU9 will be on June 06, 2015 at Whitespace, Makati and just a reminder this event is only a one whole day event so better save this day and your money because this is the time where in you will have a great bonding with your favorite local bloggers and who knows this will be your motivation to be a blogger just like me.


                So now this blog is about the outfit I wore last Bloggers United so that you will have an idea of what your are going to wear this upcoming event of bloggers and their readers. Well I advise you to wear something comfy if you’re going to this kind of event because I know for sure it will be a tiring day-tired of shopping and taking pictures with the bloggers and your OOTD’s as well. As I always say in my previous blogs, comfy must be your priority when having an OOTD and of course you must know well where and what event you’re going.


Top: Alexander J. Bitong

Boots: Celine by CMG


               Last mid of March I was invited to the Pure Shores Party of Neon Island which I already blogged about the said event together with my fellow blogging 101 classmates in courtesy of our blogging mentor, Alyssa Lapid of http://www.alyssalapid.com. Well at first I had a hard time choosing what to wear for that event because I know there will be some artists and bloggers coming so there is a little bit pressure such as Maxene Magalona and her sister Saab Magalona together with her husband Jim Bacarro, Rhian Ramos, Frank Magalona as NeonIsland was owned by the daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga which is Alyssa (Chi) Loyzaga Gibbs and her bestfriend Aira Medina. So I took a little bit research about the brand to have more ideas on what to wear so I guess I was able to chose the right one. The event was more of a blast of pink and turquoise which represents the brand having a cactus cupcakes, party hats, letter balloons and pure shores playlist,


With what I am wearing, I have obsessions on high slits as it gives sexiness same as through with the cut and style of my top that I got from Ripplesbyjenny on Instagram. Crop tops are really perfect when match with maxis as it looks you taller and also maxis covers up the height of your heels so it won’t be too obvious that you are wearing up to 5 inches high heels just so you will look tall. I am just 5’3” in height so I really need to look tall most especially if I know that I will be together with my friends that are tall.







Top: RipplesbyJenny (ig)

Maxi Skirt: http://www.tobi.com

Heels: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Rafe New York of http://www.rafe.com

Accessories: Robinsons Department Store