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               The day my parents and I waiting for finally came. Yes I’m referring to my graduation day. This is my best OOTD-toga, graduation cap and diploma. Our graduation ceremony was held at Manila Hotel at exactly 7 in the morning exclusively for the students of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management and Hotel and Restaurant Management. All my hardworks paid off from decision making in what course to take, what and where school to enroll, the enrollment process, the adjustment process, the trials, the guts to be friendly as possible, long lines in paying tuition fees,  homeworks, terror and strict professors, projects, oral defense, quizzes, practicum and our nightmare and my parents’ pockets nightmare which is the thesis making. I really don’t exactly know what I felt during that day but all I know is I made my parents very proud of me as I receive my diploma, shaking hands with the President of CEU on stage and stating that I am already a degree holder (teary-eyed). With this I just want to grab this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who’s behind my success-my parents, my brother, my relatives from my Father’s side, my true friends and to my Alma Mater as your guidance have better prepared me to meet tomorrow’s challenges, as I learned so much, saw lots of new things and had tons of fun. Thank you very much!

              Thank you for being part of my journey and please still be part of it as I enter another chapter of my life.

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My supportive parents

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My brother

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Together with the family of my friends

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My friends Junilyn and Marvin

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With my Ilocana friend Thea on the right side

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