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               Are you having a hard time in choosing what to wear this summer? Well you probably do just like me as the sun is not cooperating this time. This is just a common tip but I think this will something help and remind you in your OOTD’s this summer. You must chose the bright and light-colored ones over the dark ones. Dark hues are not a must this summer this will just absorb more of the heat over the bright  ones. Try to choose pastels because this will surely refresh yourself this summer. It’s time to wear your crop tops that are light material, fitflops, sleeveless, sunnies and shorts probably not maong just try the pompom shorts, origami shorts or even board shorts. Plus don’t put too much accessories, if possible just your clothes, sunnies and hats.







Crop top: ClothesBuffetManila (ig)

Shorts: Cheekoree

Flats: Landmark


               No time to post a blog about my outfits lately because of loads of activities passing by this month-Holy week vacation, graduation, Ilocos escapade, job hunting, civil service exam and Baguio trip with my besties. Let’s start on how my family and I spent our Holy week this year. I missed Holy week last year because I was in USA that time for my work and travel program. So now we travelled from Manila to Ilocos after lunch of March 31, 2015 using my brother’s newly bought car because my brother decided to work half day only so we could have a longer vacation. The travel took exactly 9 hours with stopovers for merienda and dinner. Thanks to TPLEX for the shortcut and faster way and of course to our navigator, the GPS. We are all sleepy heads when we were home because we arrived at 11:30 P.M so we all went straight to our beds. On the April 1st, we just stroll around the city for some errands the whole day and the following day, Maundy Thursday we stayed at home and watched different movies and ceremonies for Holy Week. On the Good Friday, we had our Visita Iglesia at Paoay Church, Manggato Church, Sarrat Church, St. Joseph Church and St. Nicholas church then we joined the procession in St. Nicholas church. On Black Saturday, it’s errands day again because we are going back to Manila early morning of Easter Sunday because we have to catch up my Baccalaureate mass and Sampaguita Interlude by Monday and Graduation ceremony in CEU by Wednesday. At 4:30 A.M we already travel going back to Manila and had side trips to different churches from Batac to Agoo, Pangasinan.

               How about you, how did you spent your Holy Week?





Top: Alexander J. Bitong

Skirt: Clothesbuffetmanila

Heels: Nine West


I’ve been addicted to milk tea lately because of its aroma and it’s the most consumed beverage nowadays. Also, milk tea is perfect for afternoon party and meetings. Don’t you know that tea originated in China but as a herbal drink and for their tea ceremonies in which they employ traditional techniques and ritualized brewing for enjoyment in a refined setting. 

Now, let me share why my friends and I had an afternoon tea party unexpectedly. First, my best friend (Yahn) texted me at 11 in the morning to go out just the two of us so I woke up early so I could have enough time to prepare then I picked her up at their house without knowing what are we going to do the whole day that’s why it came to a point to call up our other friends who’s on vacation and it’s good that Verdan is available for that day. Since it’s already lunch time we went first to the nearest tea shop which is in Bon Appetea to have a drink before going to Verdan’s house and texted him to prepare food for lunch (tipid tip: makikain haha). It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and we are bored and nothing to do again at Verdan’s house so we decided again to visit Ina’s coffee shop but it was closed so we just had a walkathon until we saw JX’s house so we invited another friend again then went to our final destination which is in Wabi Sabi then I grabbed the chance to take an outfit shot because no one is around in the shop even the cashier so we owned the place for an hour. That goes my day with my friends!

Back to my outfit, I knew that a day with my friends would be tiresome so I opted to wear this bowler hat for protection from heat and a pair of Keds for a long walk. This is just another tip to those who are going out with friends for days. Make sure to protect yourself first in a fashionable way just like what I did in this outfit. 









Top: clothesbuffetmanila (ig)

Vest: Guess

Shorts: cesaph (ig)

Hat: SM Dept Store Kids Section

Shoes: Keds