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               Are you having a hard time in choosing what to wear this summer? Well you probably do just like me as the sun is not cooperating this time. This is just a common tip but I think this will something help and remind you in your OOTD’s this summer. You must chose the bright and light-colored ones over the dark ones. Dark hues are not a must this summer this will just absorb more of the heat over the bright  ones. Try to choose pastels because this will surely refresh yourself this summer. It’s time to wear your crop tops that are light material, fitflops, sleeveless, sunnies and shorts probably not maong just try the pompom shorts, origami shorts or even board shorts. Plus don’t put too much accessories, if possible just your clothes, sunnies and hats.







Crop top: ClothesBuffetManila (ig)

Shorts: Cheekoree

Flats: Landmark


How you dress on a date is pretty important. You must attract your date and be the prettiest girl that night. Make sure that you are his center of attraction and make a great impression. Of course, we all want to look good in front of our admirers so dress up and be a stunner. Honestly, I don’t go out on a date because no one’s asking me for a date or maybe they always saw me busy that’s why no one’s offering me to go out on a date (I am not kidding). Maybe that’s the reason why I hate relationships because as of now I don’t have time for it and I do believe that the right guy (My dream guy) will come at the right time.

 So for today’s blog, I will give some tips and ideas on what to wear if you are going out on a date. The most important tip I can offer to ladies is to wear a dress or a skirt. Remember that in a man’s eyes, wearing a dress or skirt shows our feminine and sexy side. You will notice a big difference in the reactions you can get from men. Believe in me! Another tip I can give is to have a pair of heels but make sure to have a heels that you are comfortable to wear. Never mind if that heels is just a 2 inches high at least you can afford to walk far with your date right? Another tip is to choose the right color. Choose a color that suits your skin and personality either white, pink, red or black. But for me I would prefer white for cleanliness or pink that symbolizes feminine look. Lastly, put a little make-up. Foundation, shades of brown eye shadow, blush-on and a lipstick will do.

Hoping that this writing helped you on your date this Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy your day with your loved ones 🙂











Top: BazaarforAllSeasons

Skirt: Cheekoree

Heels: Ned Nedy by Fashion Soul

Bag: Kate Spade

Necklace: fashionspicemanila (ig)


I felt like a kid wearing this outfit because of its pastel colors and it reminds me of my playmate and every little girl’s playmate. Can you guess who am I referring to? Yes, I am referring to Barbie. As I look in this set of pictures, it looks like I am a Barbie (don’t kill my imagination haha) and I’m in my dollhouse that’s why the title of this blog post is “I’m In My Dollhouse”. Actually I didn’t intend to take a pic in this mini house but I was fascinated when I saw it in Laoag City’s plaza and capitol when we are in our way out on a dinner with my family so I took the chance to take an outfit shot since it matches my outfit tho. 

This is one of my favorite outfit look so far because I well achieved the look I wanted with no much effort and it’s a plus because I was able to put up everything I love (pastel + pearls) in one ensemble and it’s a good way to start my year 2015 🙂 








Top: Alex Bitong

Shorts: Cheekoree

Shoes: Jellybean

Watch: Casio