Having a good time is one small pleasure Filipinos really treasure at heart. This is especially true during the holiday season. From office Christmas parties to family gatherings and reunions, there is always some event happening around. But during these times, certain emergencies or accidents occur which can ruin even the most festive person’s night.

These kinds of accidents are the ones we mostly try to avoid at all cost most especially when such gatherings call for specific party attires or get-ups.

Stains or spillages on clothes are one of the greatest hassles of the everyday life. Agree with that? And albeit a small issue in the scheme of things, it can still alter the way we interact with others during a party. It creates unwarranted anxiety and self-consciousness and not to mention, the tedious work required in order to remove the dirt from favorite dresses or precious garments.


Good thing Sharp has created another engineering marvel to answer this problem.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is your newest first aid spot washing device, quick to remove common stains on different kinds of fabric. For any emergency or accidental spillage, there is no need to panic or fret because it has these awesome features:

  • equipped with the power of the Ultrasonic Horn
  • produces atleast 38,000 strikes per second
  • creates vacuum foams
  • prevents damages or tears on fabric threads.
  • emergency measure on the spot (for stain)
  • light and compact design
  • batter capacity of 4.8V / 900mAh


The Ultrasonic Washer is more than perfect for Christmas, not only as your partner for any dinner emergencies, but it can be your practical and useful gift too. It is available in three different colors such as gold, pink gold and silver, making it a fashionable accessory or gadget designed to fit inside any bags, duffel, or hand-carry. Aside from that, it also comes in with a puff conditioner, cloth bag, built-in rechargeable battery, and USB cable which is portable in design so that the stains are instantly and effectively removed even while away from home. So whether on the road, at a party, or anywhere else, any accidental spillage can be quickly dealt with.

To know more about this product, visit the Sharp consumer website at, the Sharp Business Solutions website, Sharp Philippines on Facebook or on Instagram.