It’s August 15 again! I can’t believe I’m already 21 but first of all I really wanted to thank all my supportive readers, followers, social media friends, BFFs and my family for being the sweetest. I am so overwhelmed with all the greetings. Actually,  I am on leave today at work so I could spent some time tick all what’s on my birthday bucketlist. Scroll down to see what’s on my list:

    • DIY travel with family.


I was the one incharge in everything during our HongKong-Macau trip last May – itineraries, hotel accommodation and piso fare booking. It was a little bit hassle on my part since I took over all the responsibilities of this trip but it was indeed a self-fulfilling task after I saw the full smile of my family.

    • Be a Clozette Ambassador.


I owe the success of my blogging career to Lystra Aranal and

    • Dye my hair!


I always wanted a new look/hairstyle every year on my birthday month or earlier but to undergo bleaching was never came across on my mind because my mom would probably freak out. Bleaching isn’t really good for hair because it causes dryness but I really wanted to achieve the level 2.0 look of Jamila and I have that full trust to my partnered salon, Hairshaft together with my hairstylists Fred, Miguel and Carl that they will take good care of my hair and be from free from hair damage.

    • Start my own business and wear something I have made.


It’s been a dream for me to put up my own business hand in hand most especially related to fashion. Just last July when I officially announced my clothing line online and on November I’ll be having my first bazaar. For now, you can see my collections on Clothing by Jamila’s official social media sites:


Instagram: @clothingbyjamila

    • Nightlife and be able to attend a music festival.



Anything that correlates to the word nightlife isn’t a good idea to my parents so everytime I do attend gatherings which falls at night, it makes my mom freak out. I must say every hour she will make a call to check up on me.”Where are you? Whom are you with? “, these are just few from my mom’s questions over the phone but since I have a different career now and I am already getting older, limitations were reduced.

As for music festival, just last summer I just had my first ever music festival collaboration (this is the event I’ve been waiting for so long) which is the CloseUp Forever Summer held in MOA Concert Grounds. 

    • Ear Piercing

Let’s wait until end of the day 🙂 Follow me on snapchat (cjamilajoyce)  so you would see if I will push through this. IMG_0706


Happy happy birthday to me!  Again, thank you to everyone who remembered my special day.