Summer 2016 is officially on and I know that the usual outfit in our list every summer are tank tops, loose shirts, shorty shorts and romper but let me share with you another trend this summer.


Pants are not very common during summer but this time let me prove you wrong with the type of pants I’m wearing below. This post will definitely prove that pants is a must have!




This summer season is the perfect time to do experiments! The casual yet cool outfits has proven to be a wardrobe staple for summer. For my outfit, I opted to wear a see through off shoulder top so it would be more comfy to the feeling due to the weather and paired it with a candy colored trousers which is my current favorite. I know pants maybe a little bit tricky if you wanted a head turner or an on-point outfit but balancing must be the key point so you would be able to pull off this style. I never been a fan of pants but this trousers made me realized that I should because I feel relaxed all day long. To complete the summer look, flaunt your panama hats!




So there you have it, gotta keep your pants on this summer!



Top: From mom’s vintage clothes collection

Pants: Alex J. Bitong

Hat: SM Accessories