Manila, 2016L’Oréal Paris, the world’s no. 1 beauty brand, has exciting news for Filipinas. Its makeup category, L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris, has signed Solenn Heussaff as their first-ever makeup designer from the Philippines, pushing forward the brand’s mission to enable women to design their own beauty, as inspired by the art of makeup from Paris.

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              Half-Filipina, half-French, and strongly influenced by both cultures, Solenn embodies a unique mix of sophistication, confidence, and effortless beauty that makes her the perfect fit for L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris. As a multi-faceted slasher – an actress / host / singer / model / painter / fashion designer / makeup artist – she is known to conquer the challenges of her busy career with an easygoing and effortless style, the true mark of a L’Oréal Paris woman.

Solenn Heussaff for LOreal Makeup Designer 2 (1280x854)               “L’Oréal Paris inspires women to be the best versions of themselves, showing them that they deserve the best of everything, because they’re worth it,” shares Trisha Chua, Group Product Manager of L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris. “Solenn Heussaff, our first Filipina makeup designer, joins the brand’s roster of global ambassadors – women of worth who represent how beauty can empower every woman. This prestigious lineup includes supermodels Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes, Barbara Palvin, and actresses Blake Lively, Julianne Moore, and Naomi Watts.”

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               Solenn discovered her passion for beauty and style at an early age, moving to Paris to study makeup artistry, fashion design, body painting, and prosthetics. She has also worked for beauty and fashion labels in the Philippines and abroad. Locally, Solenn has established her name as a multi-talented “it” girl, dominating glossy fashion magazines, gaining recognition in showbiz, and captivating millions of followers on social media. Despite her numerous accomplishments, Solenn couldn’t be more eager to experience new things. She explains, “I love to design, I love to paint, I love makeup, I like to host, I like to sing, and to learn new things. I believe that life is a constant school where you have to keep on learning and sharing your ideas.”

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               Solenn expressed excitement and appreciation to L’Oréal Paris for giving her the opportunity to show Filipinas that they deserve the best beauty experiences in the world. “I am honored and most definitely thrilled to be part of the world’s no. 1 beauty brand, because it represents what want to I stand for,” Solenn proudly declared. “I believe that every Filipina is a woman of worth, so it’s important that they feel beautiful and know they’re beautiful.”

Want to know more about L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris Philippines’ celebrity ambassador Solenn Heusaff? Here’s a short Q&A portion:

  • How long have you known L’Oréal Paris?

“I’ve known L’Oréal Paris since I can remember! It’s very exciting to be part of a big brand, the no. 1 beauty brand in the world. I used to watch their commercials in France and imitate the line ‘parce que je le vaux bien,’ which is French for ‘because I’m worth it.’ When I was in makeup school, we used L’Oréal Paris products all the time.”

  • What was your first makeup?

 “My dad’s first gift to me is a L’Oréal Paris makeup kit, with a lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, powder, and all. And when I got my makeup I was so excited!  To have my own makeup is just exciting.”

  • What is your perception of beauty?

“I believe that women should feel confident innately, and makeup helps a woman because it gives them the extra boost that they need. It enhances what you already have. You shouldn’t be covering up what you already have, you should be enhancing and highlighting it.”

  • What do you like about makeup?

“When I face people on a daily basis, I like to look presentable. I like to look cute, pretty, or if I’m on a date, I like to look hot. So for me it’s one of man’s greatest inventions.”

“I am obsessed with makeup to a point where I know the value of my makeup, and I know my products well, also because I studied it abroad. I know the importance of good quality makeup because you put it on our skin and you wear it every day. For me, it’s very important to work with good products because you only have one ‘shell’ so you have to take care of that.”

  • What are your favorite L’Oréal Paris products?

“I love Tint Caresse, the first ever powder lipstick. I love that it has a nice matte finish. It’s very moisturizing, it’s long-lasting, and it’s handy. It doesn’t come off easily, which is perfect for what we do. I talk a lot and it’s hard when you get lipstick stains on your teeth. With this – not possible. So it’s perfect for women on the go. I also love the True Match Foundation. I love the fact that it’s light with creamy texture but it’s not greasy, it blends well with your skin, and you can put layers and it’s not going to get heavy and it’s not clumpy.

I also love the Collection Star lipsticks that L’Oréal Paris did with actresses, like the one with Julianne Moore.”

  • What can you say about Parisian beauty?

“Parisian women are so simple, very elegant. The typical Parisian look is very chill, simple but classy at the same time. They don’t try to cover themselves too much even with make up. And I believe it is the same for Filipinas because they have naturally beautiful skin, so they shouldn’t cover it up too much.”

  • What can you share about yourself?

“I am a multi-slashy. I like to do many things, I like to learn, I love art, and I love make up. It’s very much like painting and I get to express myself. I believe that life is a constant school where you have to keep on learning.”

  • Are you a L’Oréal woman?

“I am definitely a L’Oréal woman. I am a woman of worth. For me, every woman is worth it. Whatever job you have, what you do, at the end of the day, we’re the core of everything. We’re the core of families, we’re mothers, we provide, and give love. I think every woman should know their worth. They should feel beautiful and know they’re beautiful.”

  • How do you feel about being the first Filipina makeup ambassador of L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris?

“To be endorsing a brand that represents being strong, empowered, beautiful and confident is amazing. I’ve been dreaming of this forever.”


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