Café Naya is located at the Palace Pool Club in Uptown BGC which serves coastal type of cuisine from Spain, France, Greece, Italy with a bit of Asian flavors. I haven’t really been to this kind of restaurant but it’s a good thing I was invited to give a try at Café Naya’s menu. At first, I initially thought it would just be an ordinary restaurant but it was a mistake. As I enter the restaurant, the ambiance is quite elegant and peaceful. Very different from what I expected such as crowded as it is connected to Palace Pool Club but it wasn’t. The staff was accommodating from the very start.


               For the starters, I enjoyed Uni and Ricotta and I think this is my current favorite. It is a sliced bun with white cheese, fresh uni (sea urchin) and fried kale with honey soy on top. Aside from that they also served Carabao’s Milk Burrata which has thai basil, ripe mango, cherry tomato and pickled shailot. Another starter is the charred octopus which has chorizo vinaigrette, herbs, chili ciabatta.  They also served us Grilled Chicken Flatbread. It is like a nacho/thin crust pizza type which is very crispy. I really love the crust most especially the romesco sauce and topped with tomatoes, herbs, chicken slices and garlic.


Uni and Ricotta


Carabao’s Milk Burrata


Charred Octopus


Grilled Chicken Flatbread

               For the mains, we had Truffled Clam Pasta, Grilled Skirt Steak and Blue Marlin. For the Truffled Clam Pasta, it is spaghetti with bacon and green onions. Their Grilled Skirt Steak has this chorizo pilaf, roasted vegetable salad and habanero chimichurri. Their Blue Marlin has romesco sauce as well. It is freshly grilled that served along with asparagus, chorizo and cashew. I am not a fish lover but this one taste so good and a must try.


Truffled Clam Pasta


Grilled Skirt Steak


Blue Marlin

               And of course, my favorite part of the meal is the dessert. We had Chocolate Mousse and Almond Tart. Their Chocolate Mousse was served with calamansi curd and cashew streusel. For the Almond Tart, it was served with almond paste, shortcrust pastry and cranberry puree.


Chocolate Mousse


Almond Tart

              Café Naya is a reasonably-priced restaurant and would love to try more of their specialties. I was satisfied with the overall service and definitely will go back and give a try to their other specialties. Thank you to Sir Val and the people behind Café Naya for having me.



              If you want to give a try, visit them at Palace Pool Club in Uptown BGC as they are open at 11 A.M to 3 P.M from Wednesday to Saturday and 11 A.M to 11 P.M from Sunday to Tuesday. You can also follow them on facebook and instagram for more details about the restaurant.


Instagram: @cafenayaatthepalace