I like pink. I always have. Pink is commonly girl’s favorite color as it signifies universal love and affection and aside from that it represents femininity and many women tend to like it because of that reason. As for me, ever since I was a kid, pink was my one and only favorite color as it really brings out the skin tone and I found myself very young if you’re wearing clothes in pink plus it makes me imagine that everything is lovely. Pink is the color of all things that are fun about being a girl. Maybe that’s the reason why my style is very girly and chic but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear others colors. Well I do wear other colors but still in a girly manner.

          Mind to share what’s your favorite color or are we on the same taste of color? Feel free to share your stories by having a comment!








Top and Skirt: GTW by SM

Shoes: Solemate by SM

Hat: Robinsons Department Store