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          It’s been a week since I turned adult but I can’t keep imagining myself that I am still a teenager as things hasn’t synced in yet in my mind. How I wish I’m still a teenager so I could still do things I wasn’t able to do during my teenage years but okay no turning back. I just remember when I was a teenager, I didn’t go out that much with my friends and barkadas late at night even if it’s a school activity/event until now that I am already working except for night duties/operations because there’s a curfew type of rule in our house that’s why whenever me and my friends/classmates have a project to finish I make it a point to finish it as early as possible or I always make an alibi or excuse so I won’t be in a big trouble at home or I’ll just call my parents to fetch me up so they won’t be nervous on me. But that kind of rule made me ready for college as I became more responsible and well-disciplined daughter and somehow it challenged my tactic skills.

          So for all teenagers out there here’s a piece of advice from your ate Jamila, don’t rush things and make every single day worthy as possible. JUst have fun but that fun has also limits and please do take note at that. And for the 20s and above all I can advice is no turning back and turn that as a lesson so you won’t regret the next time.


          As per my outfit, obviously it’s pastel again. I am just so inlove with candy colored clothes and since it’s all about my birthday i wanted something that goes with my vibe which is happy and bright. I opted to wear longsleeves during that day because of the gloomy weather and that longsleeves is one of my favorite because of the heart patches which is very girly and very me.And for my skirt, I tried to pair my top with a neoprene floral printed skirt which is not too short nor too long so I won’t look too small. What do you think? Yay or nay? Feel free to comment 🙂






Top: Xhilaration

Skirt: Bazaar

Doll Shoes: Solemate from SM