It’s that time of the year again! Bloggers United is already at their 9th installment and this time it will be brought by Smart Communications, Inc plus a lot more sponsors and guests. This will be another jam packed event of bloggers and their readers. This event is also open for public so everyone is welcome and have some fun ’cause I assure you once you get into this event, you will be looking forward for the next installment.  BU9 will be on June 06, 2015 at Whitespace, Makati and just a reminder this event is only a one whole day event so better save this day and your money because this is the time where in you will have a great bonding with your favorite local bloggers and who knows this will be your motivation to be a blogger just like me.


                So now this blog is about the outfit I wore last Bloggers United so that you will have an idea of what your are going to wear this upcoming event of bloggers and their readers. Well I advise you to wear something comfy if you’re going to this kind of event because I know for sure it will be a tiring day-tired of shopping and taking pictures with the bloggers and your OOTD’s as well. As I always say in my previous blogs, comfy must be your priority when having an OOTD and of course you must know well where and what event you’re going.


Top: Alexander J. Bitong

Boots: Celine by CMG