I don’t have a sister that’s why I made my mom as my partner in every aspect. Actually we have lots of similarities with my mom such as the passion with fashion. We both love dressing up, having a shopping spree. Our best bonding is having a shopping at the mall most especially with regards to shoes as we have the same shoe size. Another thing we are common is the attitude. We are both suplada to strangers most especially to boys. To be honest I am much irritated when boys talking to me though I am not interested to them and even knowing them. If my mom was just suplada, I can say that I am suplada and at the same time maldita (so beware of me hahaha). My mom also is my partner in taking my outfit of the day. She’s very supportive in my blogging thing though sometimes we fight because of having difficulties teaching her how to make this and that shot better but at the end of the day we are used to laugh at it. Going back to our similarities, we both have the same face features such as having a big and bold eyes and the nose which is sharp. Aside from that, we are very emotional and dramatic too that’s why we’re trying to overcome that problem of us. The only thing my mom and I that are not the same is the strength to cross the road. That’s my mom’s weakness so far but don’t worry mom I’ll be always at your side when crossing the road.


               As this is your day mommy, let me greet you first a Happy Mother’s Day and thank you! Kuya and I will always honor and love you. I will assure that I’ll love you always and when you need me I’ll be there. Thank you for everything from your sacrifices you have given me or will give me. Your love and tenderness is the greatest gift you had given to me and to our family. I’m so grateful for your unconditional love, your love that is like a rose, always blooming, always caring and always sharing. I love you mommy! See you soon! Here’s my big warm hug to wish you a Mother’s Day as special as you are!

               To all mother’s out there Happy Mother’s Day! IMG_5415 IMG_5413



Shoes: SoFAB


Top and Pants: Alexander J. Bitong

Shoes: SM Parisian

Clutch: SM Accessories

Sunnies: Tomato