Last mid of March I was invited to the Pure Shores Party of Neon Island which I already blogged about the said event together with my fellow blogging 101 classmates in courtesy of our blogging mentor, Alyssa Lapid of Well at first I had a hard time choosing what to wear for that event because I know there will be some artists and bloggers coming so there is a little bit pressure such as Maxene Magalona and her sister Saab Magalona together with her husband Jim Bacarro, Rhian Ramos, Frank Magalona as NeonIsland was owned by the daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga which is Alyssa (Chi) Loyzaga Gibbs and her bestfriend Aira Medina. So I took a little bit research about the brand to have more ideas on what to wear so I guess I was able to chose the right one. The event was more of a blast of pink and turquoise which represents the brand having a cactus cupcakes, party hats, letter balloons and pure shores playlist,


With what I am wearing, I have obsessions on high slits as it gives sexiness same as through with the cut and style of my top that I got from Ripplesbyjenny on Instagram. Crop tops are really perfect when match with maxis as it looks you taller and also maxis covers up the height of your heels so it won’t be too obvious that you are wearing up to 5 inches high heels just so you will look tall. I am just 5’3” in height so I really need to look tall most especially if I know that I will be together with my friends that are tall.







Top: RipplesbyJenny (ig)

Maxi Skirt:

Heels: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Rafe New York of

Accessories: Robinsons Department Store