My very own Centro Escolar University celebrated their annual Sampaguita Interlude last April 06, 2015. Actually this year was their 77th Sampaguita Interlude which was held at Centro Escolar Grounds at 1 pm for the School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management and School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Arts. This is a traditional event before the graduation ceremony in which it is the turning over of duties and responsibilities to the Junior students. Each graduating students has a junior partner in which they are giving each other a Sampaguita garland as it symbolizes promise from the word “sumpa kita” meaning “I promise” and this serves as a promise to uphold CEU’s philosophy, the Ciencia y Virtude (Science and Virtue). Other than that, during the Sampaguita Interlude you will witness different formations such as the word CEU and flowers while singing the classical Filipino songs El Colar De Sampaguita, La Flor de Manila, An Ode to the National Flower and the CEU Hymn.

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