Let’s have a throwback moment this time. As my mom told me 19 years ago, her life evolved around me the day I was born and her first words upon my arrival “She’s beautiful!” in which I would agree as I look upon myself in front of the mirror haha. Don’t you know that I started schooling at the age of 3 at Kids Kollege Inc.? Yes I was 3 years old then when I started to hold a pencil and a paper.Those are my toys aside from Barbie. According to my mom, I can already handle myself going to school at that age. They never forced me to go to school and for that I was accelerated from nursery to kindergarten. Then my parents decided to continue my studies in Divine Word College of Laoag which is a Catholic school. With DWCL I learned to use the bible and they widen my knowledge about the Lord, our God and of course there is a lot of  difference in terms of discipline because we are surrounded by priests, mothers and sisters. My grade school days were fruitful because I always make it in the cream of the crop. At an age of 8, I started writing different articles and luckily I was one of the members of Williamite (this is an organization for writers and photographers). I undergo trainings about writing then my teachers saw my potential in that field so they registered me to compete for Division’s School Press Conference as a Copywriter and I got the 6th place. I am not only a writer, I do also dancing. In fact I was awarded as best dancer of the year in my grade school years. I also won 1st place in Tulaan during our Buwan Ng Wika. And in our class, they always nominate me to be their muse and because of that I am the class representative for Search for Miss Intrams and bagged the awards of Best in Talent, Miss Friendship, Best in Production Number, Miss Congeniality and the title of Miss Intrams 2005. I can say that I truly enjoyed my elementary days because of having nice group of friends and solid bestfriends. Actually Nicole, Vivian and I are called Tres Marias in school because of having the same bags, same hairstyles and we are always together. We are like post-it notes because we always stick together in tough and happy times.  I am known in school because I am active in different activities until I graduated in elementary with distinction and other minor awards.


          Proceeding to my High School life, I think I didn’t much enjoyed my 1st year in high school because I was separated with my friends because they are in other section because of the school policy to jumble the sectioning of classes. I felt all alone that year but that also made me to be a better student because I was the rank 6 of our batch. Then 2nd year comes, a little bit exciting for me because me and my friends are in one section again until we became close with Marianne, whom one of my best friends until now. Moving forward to my junior year, promenade year. Infatuation, motivation, love goes around the corner during this year but this year is my toughest year in high school because of those feelings. I entered a secret relationship and until now my parents doesn’t even know anything about this not until they will read this blog haha. Yes, I did that! That was my biggest mistake and sin I’ve committed to myself and to my parents. I didn’t make it in the cream of the crop that year. Senior year came, I made a promise to myself to work harder so I joined different activities such as 3R fashion show, Division ad Regional School Press Conference and Miss Intrams. I became the Miss Intrams 2010-2011 having the minor awards of Best in Production Number, Miss Congeniality and Miss Friendship. But those efforts were still not enough to be in the cream of the crop so I graduated with no honor.


          Entering college with the feeling of doubts and fears because I am undecided because of the pain brought by my high school life. I didn’t know what career to take that time so I just copied the course of my best friends which is B.S in Medical Technology but honestly I didn’t have much idea about that course that’s why upon entering FEU on our first day, I felt something is different. I am not happy. I am not excited going to school. After 4 days, I quit. I went home to Ilocos to continue my studies and good thing they didn’t consider me as a shifter or transferee because they are still on enrollment process that day. My mom asked me several times what do I want, what are my interests and those questions helped me in deciding my career and path to take and that is Tourism Management. I wanted to engage in the life at the airport and with beautiful places with poise and I am referring to Flight Attendants. I only stayed in Divine Word College of Laoag College Department for a year and that year is a fruitful one because I became the top Dean’s list in Tourism Management for two semesters. I decided to transfer for the next school year at Centro Escolar University because I wanted to prove myself that I can do it, that I am now ready to conquer my fears and I think this is the best way to earn the trust of my parents again because of my consecutive failures and I think more opportunities awaits me at CEU. And my stay at CEU for 3 years is worthy because I became a consistent Dean’s list and also I won as 3rd placer in Tour Guiding contest last Grand Tourism Festival. I learned a lot of things in different aspects neither good or bad but those bad things happened in my life became my motivations to become successful. During my 3rd year in college, I was able to work and travel in different states in United States of America with the help of our school and First Place Inc. I stayed in Baltimore, Maryland for 3 months and with that 3 months stay I was able to visit Washington D.C, New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Annapolis.  Now I can proudly describe myself a go getter. Finally my day has come, I am now a degree holder. Jamila Joyce S. Castillo, 19 years old, graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at Centro Escolar University.



          Above all I dedicate all of my achievements to my beloved parents. You nailed your roles mom and dad. Congratulations! To Almighty God for bringing me at the right path. Thank you so much G! My friends and haters for keeping me by my side.