1. Yourself

Of course you should prepare yourself and be ready to face your future bosses. Face them with poise and manner.

2. Resume/ Curriculum Vitae plus a cover letter

Organize your papers. Make sure it was placed in a clean folder. Never ever fold it!


3. Other documents needed such as certificates and identification cards

Always have a photocopy of your original documents. Always be ready.

4. What are you going to wear?

You should look presentable, educated person and young professional. Walk like you’re the boss but in a good manner. Know the difference of corporate, business and party attire.


5. Answers

Just prepare some possible answers for the interview but don’t memorize it through your head! That’s a big no! Memorize it through your heart so you can’t easily forget it. Just answer the questions in a natural way.

6. Introduction/ Introducing yourself

Try to introduce yourself with a twist. Be unique. Remember first impression last.


7. Rosary

You should always bring rosary wherever you go because He is always with us.



Top: http://www.aionlineshop.com

Blazer: Bazaar

Skirt: Cinderella

Shoes: Jellybean