How you dress on a date is pretty important. You must attract your date and be the prettiest girl that night. Make sure that you are his center of attraction and make a great impression. Of course, we all want to look good in front of our admirers so dress up and be a stunner. Honestly, I don’t go out on a date because no one’s asking me for a date or maybe they always saw me busy that’s why no one’s offering me to go out on a date (I am not kidding). Maybe that’s the reason why I hate relationships because as of now I don’t have time for it and I do believe that the right guy (My dream guy) will come at the right time.

 So for today’s blog, I will give some tips and ideas on what to wear if you are going out on a date. The most important tip I can offer to ladies is to wear a dress or a skirt. Remember that in a man’s eyes, wearing a dress or skirt shows our feminine and sexy side. You will notice a big difference in the reactions you can get from men. Believe in me! Another tip I can give is to have a pair of heels but make sure to have a heels that you are comfortable to wear. Never mind if that heels is just a 2 inches high at least you can afford to walk far with your date right? Another tip is to choose the right color. Choose a color that suits your skin and personality either white, pink, red or black. But for me I would prefer white for cleanliness or pink that symbolizes feminine look. Lastly, put a little make-up. Foundation, shades of brown eye shadow, blush-on and a lipstick will do.

Hoping that this writing helped you on your date this Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy your day with your loved ones 🙂











Top: BazaarforAllSeasons

Skirt: Cheekoree

Heels: Ned Nedy by Fashion Soul

Bag: Kate Spade

Necklace: fashionspicemanila (ig)