This is the first project of #TeamJCJammy for 2015, yes a red hot wheels.  My brother and I have a bucket list for this year and we’re proud to say we’ve hit a first check for our bucket list and that is a brand new hot wheels. Actually my brother is the one who paid all the expenses for this car, I just contributed my support and presence for this car. I am just so proud of him and his achievements in life. Imagining a simple and quiet 23 year old boy who have this kind of such blessings in life but nonetheless you deserved it kuya.  You’re such a role model my dear brother. You will always be my inspiration plus mom and dad of course. Don’t you know that he always saves his salary and just deducting a little part of it for me, mom and dad just to buy this car? Yes, that’s true. Ever since he was a kid he keeps reminding of himself that one day he will have his own brand new car when he gets a job. And that dream is now for real. Well of course this car wasn’t bought just for his dreams but also mine. That’s how we care for each other. And with this, I am so proud to my dear loving parents for bringing a brother like my kuya. 

Thank you Dear Lord and kuya for this car because no more commute problems. And now, we’re heading to our next project but this time it will be my expenses and guess what is it? But hoping that we will get that next project right after my graduation this April (crossed fingers). 

About the car, the all new Lancer EX is truly exciting and agressive. Jet fighter-inspired front grille and slim headlight design contributes to the sporty character and confident stance. The windshield curves steeply forward to a low beltline and looking at the side, one would notice slimmer windows but surprisingly, the view from the inside is good making it an easy car to drive around even in tight spaces. The fenders also has subtle bulges to accommodate the 10-spoke class leading 18-inch rims fitted with 215/45 profile tires (GT-A and GT only). Rear end styling is equally daunting to drivers who have been overtaken as they will see a high back with puckered brow tail lamps. Complementing the new body shape are standard aero parts like front air dam, side skirts, rear skirts and rear spoiler (GT-A and GT only).

Mitsubishi Lancer EX model comes with different colors such as black, silver, blue, white and red but we choose red.

IMG_1767 IMG_1770

IMG_1772 IMG_1785