I felt like a kid wearing this outfit because of its pastel colors and it reminds me of my playmate and every little girl’s playmate. Can you guess who am I referring to? Yes, I am referring to Barbie. As I look in this set of pictures, it looks like I am a Barbie (don’t kill my imagination haha) and I’m in my dollhouse that’s why the title of this blog post is “I’m In My Dollhouse”. Actually I didn’t intend to take a pic in this mini house but I was fascinated when I saw it in Laoag City’s plaza and capitol when we are in our way out on a dinner with my family so I took the chance to take an outfit shot since it matches my outfit tho. 

This is one of my favorite outfit look so far because I well achieved the look I wanted with no much effort and it’s a plus because I was able to put up everything I love (pastel + pearls) in one ensemble and it’s a good way to start my year 2015 🙂 








Top: Alex Bitong

Shorts: Cheekoree

Shoes: Jellybean

Watch: Casio