After a week of not updating my social media accounts that much because I had to undergo training before our deployment in the airport for our practicum here is an outfit which is literally perfect for this season.  Actually this outfit posts was already taken last March in the US when they had their last snowfall for that year but of course I can’t share an outfit for cold weather during the summer season here in the Philippines right?  And now the perfect time to share this outfit finally came! Time really flies so fast.

          Back to my outfit, layering was so much fun and that’s the reason why I enjoyed my staycation in US. You can have everything in one ensemble. And also one thing I learned dressing up in US is there is no word too much; no one cares what you are wearing. The funny thing I did while I was in US was I invested lots of winter clothes which looks like I am already staying there for good haha you know what I feel right? Well I could still use those winter clothes to my next trip and watch out for that.  If only the weather in US is the same here in the Philippines then dressing up would always be fun.





Beanie and Scarf: SM Accessories

Gloves: 5below

Boots: Forever21