Christmas is coming! Christmas break is fast approaching! I’m excited what’s going to happen this holiday season because I gotta spend time with my loved ones again and this time it will be longer. Yes, it will be longer because I will not be much busy for school this semester and our school will have an early Christmas vacation and late opening of classes next year. All I want this holiday is to have a getaway together with my family. Hopefully our tip to Baguio this Christmas will be settled so I could share lots of OOTD and also I want some layering for my next outfit shots. 

Let’s get back to my outfit! I wore sunflower print jumpsuit for an easy wearing so I could do my errands comfortably and get through the day without having to worry about and a boots to match this kind of outfit. A monochromatic OOTD indeed! I don’t usually wear monochrome shades, but for some reason, I’m beginning to love it. Don’t just be afraid to try new things, either in fashion or  in any aspect/field. Don’t be afraid to step out to your comfort zone. 






Choker: FashionSpiceManila (ig)

Boots: Forever21