Long sleeves or jackets are really all-around. You can still use them during sunny days. Just tie them on your waist and you’re now set for a get away outfit. No much effort in need! Right? 

About my outfit, I added long sleeves on my waist to cover up my tummy so I could use this sofia crop top which I got it from RipplesbyJenny so it won’t show too much of my skin and of course so I could feel comfortable doing my errands. To complete my urban OOTD, I paired it with boots from Forever21 because it was a little bit stocked in my shoe closet. The last time I used this boots was when I was in USA during their winter season. And now that I got the perfect outfit of the day to match this boots and here it goes plus handcuff and airplane necklace from FashionSpiceManila! 

Is it yay or nay?







Top: RipplesbyJenny(ig)

Accessories: FashionSpiceManila (ig)

Bag: Kate Spade

Boots: Forever21