Welcoming myself to the other side because of this kind of outfit. Bye flirty, feminine look, bright and pastel colors this time to match my DIY pants. I don’t usually wear pants for outfit post because it looks like simple and dull so I tried to give life to this old pants by making it as a DIY ripped pants to be more edgy and fashionable. Tried something new for my dedication in fashion and see you can still show some skin even if you’re wearing a pants. With this pants you can pair it with heels/wedges or even sneakers if you want. With me I tried to match it with wedge from Kenneth Cole so I am ready to go from morning to night time without changing. 

How about you how would you turn your old pants into something fashionable?






Top: from Bazaar in school

Pants: Customized 

Wedge: Kenneth Cole