Quezon City celebrates its 75th anniversary and first-ever Food Festival last Saturday (October 11, 2014) in Maginhawa Street with a concert from San Miguel Beer (one of the sponsors of the festival) and a fireworks display at midnight.  The event runs from 9 in the morning all the way to the night with a free entrance of two-kilometer stretch of Maginhawa Street serving notable restaurants, organic foods, fresh foods supporting a healthy lifestyle, custom-made burgers, iced desserts, and a lot more. 


The event was really successful having a jam packed local and foreign tourists just to witness the said food festival. It was a great experience though we didn’t had a chance to eat because all of the restaurants we wanted to dine are all sold out and very long line. We were there around 6 in the evening and we just had a walkathon instead until 11:30 in the evening because we are looking for any restaurant where we could have our dinner but we didn’t have a luck so we just decided to go home hungry but it was fun.