Who would believe that this trip is free, yes this trip is free because of the prize I got from the Travel Expo last March 2015 in SMX Convention Center. My family are really planning to have a vacation then suddenly this plan came into reality after I attended the Travel Expo. I never had been to Visayas that’s why I don’t know much of the places and the people in there. As I’ve noticed during our stay in Bohol, people there were really friendly and kind. They really deserve their title to be the “City of Friendship”. There are a lot of churches and tourist destinations to be seen in Bohol plus sumptuous foods. I was truly amazed when I saw the Chocolate Hills even though it was a little bit damaged because of the earthquake but they are trying to recover. The really highlight of our tour was the Eat all you can in Loboc River Cruise. It was really affordable to try the Loboc River Cruise, with just the amount of Php400 you can eat whatever you want (seafoods) plus a serenade and different entertainments and experience the river cruise. It was really an amazing experience. 

Special Thanks to Villa Belza Resort for the accomodation.







The church is under renovation because of the earthquake last 2013.


According to the tour guide, you can form a picture of Padre Pio if you would look closely to to the wall.


buffet lunch at Floating Restaurant