Ever since, August was my favorite month and at the same time my busiest month such as school matters and family gatherings. Also, it’s my daddy, kuya and my birthday so it’s a month long family gathering.

1. School Holidays. I really love school holidays, I mean we really love school holidays! For August we do have 2 holidays, August 21 which is the Ninoy Aquino Day and August 25 for the National Heroes Day.  Holiday means a lot to me because I can do my blog and outfit post 🙂

2. My Birthday. I always do my countdown every August 1, that’s how excited I am to celebrate my birthday and be with my special ones.

3. Ber Months are Coming. I always start planning every early August on what to buy for my friends and family’s gift for Christmas so I could start saving money.

4. CEU Sportsfest. I am really excited everytime we celebrate our Sportsfest because it’s the time wherein we are free from school works even just for a day. 

5. We’re On Our Halfway to End the 1st Semester. I am really eager to finish this semester so that I could already say goodbye thesis writing and be ready for graduation. 




Top: Tyler

Jeans: Bazaar

Boots: Bazaar